Trading as we commonly know is the act of buying and selling commodities between two parties. One party identifies as a buyer and the other as a seller. Trading can be done quite in different types which first started from trade-to-barter to a system where currencies are now used rather than products for products.

Digital agencies such as Jumia, Ebay, Selar, and other platforms support the selling and buying of commodities/products, the world of blockchain is not exempted when it comes to trading where cryptocurrencies are bought and sold between two parties.

To clarify the concept of trading, trading has different sub-fields within it which include: Spot Trading and Futures trading.

In Essence;

P2P(Peer to Peer) trading is a form of trading between two parties using a decentralized network whereby buyers and sellers make transactions through the direct use of their Spot wallets to one another and are given control in trading activities where they can get to choose preferable buyers, sellers and even bid prices.

Yes, this is mostly found on CEXs and never on decentralized exchanges (DEXs) because decentralized exchanges make use of Liquidity pools to aid the buys and sells of tokens/coins.
Also, lots of decentralized exchanges do not make use of Spot wallets instead through direct connections of custodial/Non-custodial wallets. 

P2P trading is one of the most common form of trading because of its entry barrier when it comes to getting the best prices for yourself and avoiding slippage prices unlike when using DEXs.

With P2P trading, users can also make transactions without the use of any intermediary. Some Centralized exchanges that support P2P trading include, Binance, ByBit, and Bitfinex. Etc.

P2P trading also makes country jurisdiction possible. There are specific countries still facing regulations on the use of CryptoTrading publicly. Users can then resolve to make use of P2P in order to convert their cryptocurrencies to Fiat at their own convenience. 

Deevyn Trade Hub also makes this possible for users who are interested in making crypto-to-fiat transactions possible with just a click away. Our exchange rate has a low spread hence, our customers are placed with favorable rates as they trade with us.

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